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Grand Rapids Candle Company

Yellow Citronella Double Wood Wick Camping Vintage reclaimed coffee mug candle

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Introducing our eco-friendly Citronella Candles, thoughtfully poured in charming reclaimed tin camping mugs, perfect for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. Crafted with a double wood wick, these candles offer a unique and captivating flickering glow, creating a warm and inviting atmosphere for your camping adventures or backyard gatherings. Embrace the soothing aroma of citronella, known for its natural insect-repelling properties, making your outdoor experiences more enjoyable and bug-free. Join us in reducing waste and embracing sustainability with our delightful and practical Citronella Candles in reclaimed tin camping mugs with double wood wicks!

I love finding these kinds of treasures I can repurpose from thrift stores. I hope you do too!