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Grand Rapids Candle Company

It's fine. I'm fine. Everything is fine. 9oz Soy Blend Candle

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Ignite a sense of calm and humor with our candle that speaks volumes: "It's fine. I'm fine. Everything is fine." 

 Illuminate your surroundings with our light-hearted candle, capturing the essence of keeping it together with a touch of humor. We all have those moments when life feels chaotic, but this candle reminds us to embrace the chaos and find the beauty in imperfection. 

Whether you're facing a busy day, a challenging situation, or just need a reminder to take life in stride, our candle is the perfect companion. Its warm glow and comforting fragrance create an atmosphere of tranquility, even in the midst of chaos. 

So, light the wick, take a deep breath, and let the flickering flame guide you to a place of inner peace. Share this candle with your friends and let them know that it's okay to embrace the chaos and find humor in life's ups and downs. Together, we can navigate any storm with grace and a smile. 

#ItsFineImFineEverythingIsFine #EmbraceTheChaos #FindHumorInTheLittleThings #LightTheTranquility

We use a premium quality soy blend wax, and wicks that are lead/zinc free. All of our candles burn beautifully, and their smell quickly fills the room. Our 9-ounce jars all have a black twist top metal lid.

All of our candles are poured in small batches by hand.

H: 3.52 inches, W: 2.83 inches