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Grand Rapids Candle Company

You’ve Got This Shit. 9 oz Soy Blend Candle

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 Ignite your inner strength with our empowering candle: "You've Got This Shit."  Whether you keep it for yourself or give it away, let its flame remind you that you're capable of conquering any challenge.

Light up this candle and embrace the confidence to take on the world. Its invigorating scent and radiant glow create an atmosphere of determination and resilience.

Keep it for yourself as a daily reminder of your own power, or gift it to someone who needs a boost of encouragement. Spread the message that they have the strength within to overcome any obstacle.

Remember, in this journey called life, you've got this shit. Believe in yourself, rise above, and let this candle be your guiding light. Order now and empower yourself or someone special with the gift of resilience.  #YouveGotThisShit #Empowerment #InnerStrength

All of our candles are poured in small batches by hand.

H: 3.52 inches, W: 2.83 inches